Canine Lymphoma Treatments

Canine Lymphoma Treatments

Recent medical trials have proven significant results from the use of Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA).  DCA use with various cancers such as canine lymphoma have resulted in significant shrinkage of tumor size and mass, reversal of illness, remission, increased health and vitality, and clean health tests.

What Does DCA do to Canine Lymphoma?

While we don’t fully understand why dogs get cancers such as canine lymphoma, we do know that a “typical” case of canine lymphoma occurs in middle aged dogs or older and can be identified by one or more lumps under the skin.  These lumps are peripheral lymph nodes that are enlarged and firm.  Location of these lymph nodes can be seen in the following illustration.

Canine Lymphoma

Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) has been known to reactivate the mitochondria and restore the cell’s apoptosis function.  This may drastically reduce the tumor size in canine lymphoma quickly and effectively.  It has been reported through various scientific methods that DCA has had significantly favorable results within days of starting treatments.

Where can I buy DCA for Canine Lymphoma?

PureDCA is one of the purest DCA products available on the market today with over 99% purity.  Unlike many other DCA brands, PureDCA is made using a sophisticated synthesis process with no organic solvents being used during production.  PureDCA can be used to treat canine lymphoma and other types of cancers.

You do NOT need a prescription from your veterinarian or physician to get PureDCA.  PureDCA is readily available to everyone and can be shipped anywhere in the world in powder or capsule form.

PureDCA can be purchased from Canine Lymphoma using PayPal or any major credit card.   Click here to Buy DCA.